First Holiday and Staff Vacancy

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I have not made any announcements in the past month due to me being on holiday, and since I'm the only staff member it's really hard as I'm a very busy guy.

Anyway, I'm now in a position to hire my first staff member - Reviewer.

The Reviewer (free and/or paid) who's job is reviewing Games and/or Movies and post their review in the relevant forums.

If you are interested then hit the Contact Us link in the footer, or go to the Chatrooms and leave me a message there.

Best of luck to all the applicants.

Thank you.

Invite Only and Monthly Competitions

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Well, I opened my website several months ago and have decided to make it invite only.

If anyone is interested in joining the website then hit the REGISTER link in the sidebar, please be aware you'll need to enter the unique (Invitation code) which you can get via the Chatrooms or from the official social media as stated in my recent thread Social Media and Server Improvements.

As promised we are announcing our first competition, which is a mystery prize and there will be a random amount of prizes every month drawn in the The Chatter Lounge (Members Chatrooms) on any day of each month at 8PM UK time. All that is required to qualify for this great prize is be a member and a staff member will announce a winner.

Best of luck to you all...

Social Media and Server Improvements

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Just to let everyone know, I've added two social media (Facebook, Twitter) accounts so I can further promote the website, and advertise my competitions which I stated in my recent thread Plans for the Future.

Also upgraded some server applications, to help with compatibility issues.

Don't forget to keep a look out on my new or account for the upcoming competitions.

Until then, we hope you have a fantastic day and "Top O' The Mornin To Ya!".

Thank you.

Improvements to

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Not sure if anyone as noticed, but I've been very busy this past few days adding some major improvements to the website.

Including a Chatroom for Guests, Members and Staff and it can be found by going to the Chatrooms.

Also an advanced statistics widget, so you can keep track of all the latest posts, threads and numerous other statistics.

Until next time, happy chatting and please tell your friends about this website.

Thank you.

Plans for the Future

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You may know as I said in my first thread, we are a newly founded website Welcome to

Well, we are looking for new members to keep the community going, with quality content and features to keep all current and new members happy.

I will be adding competitions as well in the near future, to win prizes such as games (PC) and movies (DVD, Blu-Ray)... All courtesy of my own personal wallet... My accountant won't be very happy, but she can always blow me (figuratively speaking of cause).

In the mean time, have a great day and make yourself at home.

Thank you.

Thanks to Jacquii Designs

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As promised, I have hired a graphic designer from

They have done a fantastic job, do you agree?

If you like their work, you can hire them as well at the above link or on

That's all for now.

Thank you.

We are Officially Open

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After many days of setup and tweaking we are officially open to the public.

I will be adding more features in the future to, so if you want anything added please let me know in the Suggestions and Feedback forums.

Also when the website becomes bigger, I will be wanting to hire some more free and/or paid staff.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Thank you.

Welcome to

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Welcome to

We are a newly founded website dedicated to talking about anything to do with the world of Entertainment, such as Gaming, Movies, Television and any other subject fitting this area.

If you fancy joining the website then hit the REGISTER link in the sidebar, or if your already a member then hit the LOG IN link and join the fun.

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