FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions


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What is your FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions (teams and/or players to watch) and final standings?

My Predictions
  • England (Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford)
  • Germany (Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil)
  • Croatia (Luka Modric, Mario Mandzukic)
  • France (Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud)
  • Belgium (Romelu Lukaku, Marouane Fellaini)
My Final Standings
  • Champions: Belgium
  • Runners-up: Croatia
  • Third place: France
  • Fourth place: Germany
Although I would really like to see my own country winning (England) but I don't think they will, as they don't have the passion and desire to be winners (maybe due to so much disappointment).

What are your top four places and why?


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...and the offical FIFA World Cup 2018 final standings?

Final Standings
  • Champions: France
  • Runners-up: Croatia
  • Third place: Belgium
  • Fourth place: England
First off I'd like to congratulate France on their win and Russia for making it a tournament to remember, and an amazing job by my own country (England). I didn't expect them getting far, let alone fourth place.

The big surprise was Germany going out of the tournament so early, as they was the World Champions from 2014.

I will not forget this world cup for many years, for all the right reasons.
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